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US Congress hearing on relations with China to be held without Apple

Apple will not be attending the American Congress meeting dedicated to tech companies' relations with China, strongly desired by Republican congressman Josh Hawley.

audience of the American Congress

The announcer Josh Hawley invited Apple to testify at the hearing on March 4, given the relationship between the company and the Chinese government. In addition to Apple, the user also invited other tech companies such as TikTok, but Apple also declined the invitation.

Hawley is concerned about the dependence and growing relationships of tech companies with China. Apple has yet to issue official statements as to the reasons for the refusal to participate in the US Congress hearing.

More specifically, the speaker asked Apple to clarify certain facts that have occurred in recent months, such as decisions to keep Chinese users' iCloud data on local servers or to remove all VPN applications from the App Store in China. Hawley is among those who consider Pkin to be a potential threat to privacy and security.

It's no mystery that Apple is in a difficult situation with regard to China. Tim Cook has repeatedly admitted that this is a fundamental market for the company. However, the CEO himself has always been the spokesperson for the right to privacy. This is a delicate situation and has drawn criticism from Apple. Indeed, the company has repeatedly complied with Chinese standards so as not to risk leaving this important market.