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US authorizes Apple to ban sale of Samsung tablets

US authorizes Apple to ban sale of Samsung tablets

The US court of appeal overturned a decision by a California Supreme Court judge, ultimately vindicating Apple in the prosecution of copyright infringements that pointed to Samsung. The American courts authorize Apple to demand the instant ban of several tablets from the Korean manufacturer on American soil.

New twist in the patent war between Apple and Samsung. The US court of appeal overturned a California judge’s decision, allowing Apple to ask the court to immediately withdraw the sale of several tablets from its direct competitor, Samsung. The case is linked to "designs of certain tablets", deemed too similar to that of the iPad according to Apple, and which openly infringes certain patents of the American company.

If we do not yet know whether Apple will use its joker or not to remove from sale the tablets of its competitor, we do know that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung should meet next Monday and Tuesday to discuss the various legal battles open and try to reach an agreement. Cupertino could therefore wait a short week before making the decision to hit Samsung with full force or to refrain from unleashing its fury on its lifelong enemy.

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(Source: Phone Arena)