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US Air Force cancels iPad order

US Air Force cancels iPad order

The US Air Force canceled its first order for the iPad, which was still 2,861 second-generation models, without giving Apple the slightest explanation. It seems that the decision is linked to the program supposed to be used to read documentation, the latter having been developed in Russia …

The US Air Force has canceled its order for iPad 2 from Apple, causing the American glove to lose a deal that would have paid off since total orders amounted to 18,000 iPad 2. The reason? Officially, none. Unofficially, it would be the flagship program supposed to be used to read documentation during flights that would be the heart of the problem. Goodreader was indeed developed by a Russian, and the United States did not wish to take risks with national security, the military agency would have retracted. As a reminder, the US Air Force wanted to replace the very heavy flight documentation with digital documentation on a digital tablet. It is not yet known whether the project will subsequently be re-associated with Apple or whether the US Air Force will remain there …

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(Source: Apple Insider)