updates via P2P

updates via P2P

Thanks to the leak of build 10036 of the technical preview of Windows 10, we learn that Microsoft is a priori oriented towards a P2P technology for the distribution of updates and applications.

An option in this sense has in any case been identified but for more certainty, it will be necessary to wait for the officialization of the Redmond company. Especially since this involves the implementation of various security measures to ensure the integrity of the updates thus obtained.

In build 10036, this option is found in the parameters. It is proposed to download the applications and operating system updates from several sources in order to obtain them more quickly.

If necessary, several choices are possible: from computers on your local network or from these and computers on the Internet. This would reduce the load on Microsoft's servers with users who would give up a bit of their bandwidth to do so.

Windows-10-P2PIf this feature seems to have its way in Windows 10, it could also be killed in the bud and ultimately not be at the rendezvous of the final version. For The Verge, the adoption of a P2P distribution model would not be a surprise, however.

The site recalls that in February 2013, Microsoft bought the company Pando Networks " who designed P2P file sharing technology similar to BitTorrent. "