Update to Android Pie: As usual, LG is lagging behind

Image 1 : Mise Ă  jour vers Android Pie : comme d'habitude, LG est Ă  la traine

Image 1: Update to Android Pie: as usual, LG is lagging behind

LG is not known for its speed in offering the latest Android updates. The Korean manufacturer is a bit of an outsider on a market archidominated by Huawei and Samsung. Despite its promise to be faster in its deployment of Android, it seems that the company is having a hard time switching to Android 9.

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Possessor of G7 ThinQ, a more affordable V30 or smartphone, everyone is in the same boat, and the update to Android 9 is slow in coming. An article published on the company’s website even suggests thatAndroid Pie is not about to arrive on LG smartphones. Quite logically, the G7 will be the first to benefit from the transition to Android 9 during the first quarter of 2019. The V40, however more recent, does not seem to benefit immediately from the slightest version upgrade. The manufacturer does not announce only performance updates and bug fixes.

As for the company’s other smartphones, The Verge points out that if you trust the speed at which LGE has switched to Android Oreo, you shouldn’t not wait to update to Android 9 before long. A problematic situation at a time when competition between manufacturers is fiercer than ever. Customers are now used to having not only state-of-the-art hardware, but also the latest OS to run it.

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