Update to 1.2.0 for the Freebox Revolution Player

Two new Freeboxes by next year

Image 1: Update to 1.2.0 for the Freebox Revolution Player

The Freebox Revolution Player box has benefited from an update (1.2.0) since Tuesday July 3. This version offers new interfaces adds support for HDMI CEC and fixes several bugs known. So the interface AirMedia makes its appearance, making it easier to manage compatible content AirPlay of iOS.

Radio interface and virtual keyboard revised

Compatibility with HDMI CEC allows you to control compatible peripherals using the remote control of the Freebox. The radio function interface as well as that of the audio CD player have been revised while the virtual keyboard is also slightly corrected. The rest of this update is mostly about bug fixes and improvements.

All the news is available on this page. To benefit from this update, simply turn off and on again Player box, the download and installation will be done automatically.