BeatsX headphones on sale for 99 €

Up to three months late for BeatsX headphones?

beats-pill-a ipa iphoneIn the past, Apple has regularly started to market products whose stocks were clearly insufficient.

But we have no memory of a device like the AirPods, whose output seems eternally postponed. VBeatsX, which is based on the same W1 chip as the AirPods, could also be affected by this huge delay.

A customer of B & H Photo & Video is in any case to receive an email from this trader, indicating that the BeatsX earpieces may not arrive until February or next March … This news is not particularly pleasing especially as B & H states in its mail that the information would come directly from Apple.

As we reported last week, the concern lies in the synchronization of sound with the new chip headed.


For information, Apple still announces the release of its AirPods "this fall". It is time to hurry because the winter starts in less than ten days.