Shanghai Gigafactory operational in three years

up to four new Gigafactories announced this year

To ensure the large-scale production of its electric vehicles, Tesla will rely on a set of Gigafactories the first of which, still under construction, is installed in Nevada and will participate in the development of Model 3 by producing electric batteries.

The manufacturer had so far mentioned its intention to build new Gigafactories to meet global demand, the choice of the location of the sites not yet decided but already the subject of hopes on the part of several countries .

Tesla Gigafactory

If 2 to 3 additional Gigafactories were mentioned, Elon Musk indicated during the TED conference that he could finalize the locations of four sites by the end of the year.

After the Gigafactory 1 of Reno and the Gigafactory 2 of Buffalo (from Solar City and producing solar panels), a Gigafactory 3 could be installed again in the United States, while two others will probably be installed in Europe and China.

The location of an additional plant remains unknown at this time. The site also points out that future sites should not be limited to the production of batteries but should be able to directly produce complete electric vehicles.

Their establishment therefore represents a major challenge for countries wishing to host such factories and France would be a welcome land for a future European site.