video and images of the FPS pr-alpha

Unspecified video of the free FPS exploiting the Unreal Engine 4

Under development within Epic Games, Unreal Tournament is back in a new version which has the distinction of being completely free access on PC. For now, the title is in a pre-alpha version and the developers are counting on the gaming community to enhance the FPS in terms of content.

Unreal Tournament 2015 - 1A new video software was recently put online, displaying the first finalized multiplayer map, namely Outpost 23.

The excerpt shows the performance of the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine and highlights some fringes as frantic as the first installment of 1999, including the voiceover that highlights your exploits.

Remember that to test Unreal Tournament 2015, just download the currently playable version on the official game site at this address.