Unnotification 2.1.0

Unnotification 2.1.0

Unnotification is a simple and free Android application to keep a complete history of notifications in Android. It prevents accidental deletion of notifications and always keeps track of them. The application is intuitive although it is only available in English.

Learn more about deleted or paused notifications.

Available for free and only on Android, Unnotification is an application that lets you cancel notifications deleted by mistake and always keep track of them in a history. Indeed, if the user quickly deletes a notification by mistake, a new notification appears and allows the previously deleted notification to be displayed again.

Unnotification allows you to choose which notifications and applications to ignore and take into account.

A complete history of notifications

The history available is very complete and intuitive to quickly find any notification. It is possible to search for a notification via the search engine, by category or according to a specific date. All of this allows you to find notifications relating to e-mails of July 2018 without problem. The search interface by filters is neat and very practical.Unnotification
Among the advanced options, Unnotification allows you to automatically delete the history every day, every week or every month. Management of database backups is also available, each backup can be exported to the Cloud or by e-mail.

Protect and customize the application

Certainly accessory but welcome, the option of protection by fingerprint or facial recognition is also available depending on the device. The user can also personalize the application thanks to a dark mode to save its battery and limit eyestrain.

In terms of handling, Unnotification allows simple and quick management of notifications thanks to an interface that is both sober and intuitive even though it is entirely in English.