Unlocking his Mac with his Apple Watch is not easy

Unlocking his Mac with his Apple Watch is not easy

apple watch sport 2The new version of MacOS Sierra brings an interesting novelty for the owners of Apple Watch: the automatic unlocking (Auto-Unlock in English). If you wear the watch, your Mac will not ask you for a password, in theory.

In practice, it's not really that simple. Indeed, Apple has seen fit to put a lot of limits to protect the security of your data

This feature therefore requires 4 pre-requisites:

  • The Apple Watch must be protected by an unlock code (to be added in the settings)
  • Your Mac must be recent (minimum 2013) because you have to support Handoff (the Continuity function is used here)
  • Check that Handoff is enabled on the Mac (in System Preferences -> General)
  • Your iCloud account must use 2-factor authentication and be used on all three devices (watch, smartphone and computer)

Finally, it will obviously MacOS Sierra and watchOS 3 (plus iOS 10 on your iPhone), logical.

Finally, it will activate the feature on the Mac:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go in Security and confidentiality
  • Check Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac

To you now the approach with your watch and the opening (sometimes capricious) of your session. The field "password" will be replaced by a text indicating that the authentication is in progress. Your Apple Watch will inform you of the success of the operation.

In addition, it seems that some cases still require the password (as after the reboot of the Mac).

In short, who succeeded? 🙂

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