Unlock your iPhone with facial recognition

Unlock your iPhone with facial recognition

Interested in being able to unlock your iPhone using facial recognition? The tweak RecognizeMe available since this Wednesday on the Cydia Store will fulfill this mission! Once installed and the tweak configured (depending on your face), all you have to do is hold your iPhone in front of you, start the procedure to unlock the device and select facial recognition. The procedure will then take a few seconds and then arrive on the home screen of your iPhone.

According to the first feedback, RecognizeMe seems to fulfill its role well but suffers from some youth concerns in terms of performance. It will therefore be a question of properly configuring the Face Trainer (the procedure for registering your face) so that recognition can be carried out with more precision.

RecognizeMe is available on the Cydia Store for $ 7 (~ 5) and is available on the iPhone 4 jailbreak.

We discuss it on the forum.

Demonstration video: