unlimited solar Bluetooth headset available end of June

unlimited solar Bluetooth headset available end of June

The Franco-British start-up Exod launched its somewhat special Bluetooth headset project on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in November 2014.

Helios Unfortunately, the helmet will not have fulfilled its objectives and will have collected only £ 13,779 out of the £ 50,000 announced as necessary for its production. But good news for users, the helmet will indeed be produced and marketed with an availability date posted on June 21.

The Helios helmet stands out from the competition by an amazing operation full of promise. According to its manufacturers, it would be enough to recharge its helmet once at most (between 2h and 3h) after which, the helmet would be fully autonomous for its entire lifetime.

His secret? Solar panels arranged on its hoop which would allow it to recharge continuously, whether its owner uses it or not. Another interesting point, if the dry breakdown should happen, it is possible to connect a jack cable to it to make it work in passive and wired mode … the time to see some rays of sun come back.

Recharged to its maximum, the Helios battery would offer 16 hours of operation, a comfortable autonomy which would allow the helmet to take advantage of solar energy to maintain permanent operation, especially since its designers also mention a solar ratio of 100 %, i.e. 1 minute of sun exposure = 1 minute of listening time.

Helios 2

On the connection side, the headset uses Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP technology for a range of 9 to 10 meters. Helios will be delivered with a mains charger, a jack cable with remote control, and the headset itself integrates a hands-free mode thanks to a microphone. Its price is set at 249 euros.