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United States: where are iPhone, iPad & Mac mainly purchased?


Posted: October 24 2017
Updated: October 24, 2017

by benjamin

It is now possible to buy a iPhone, a iPad or one Mac elsewhere than in a Apple Store. On this subject, a recent survey reveals that Americans do not often buy their devices in official Apple stores.

We owe this survey to the firm CIRP, world specialist in market research. No less than 2,000 American consumers were thus surveyed on their trends regarding the purchase of a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad. The results show that in order to acquire Apple computers, consumers turn directly to the apple brand. Indeed, 4 out of ten Macs are bought in the Apple Stores or on the manufacturer’s website.

However, consumers are choosing other brands to buy the Apple brand phones or tablets. According to the figures provided by the CIRP, 3 out of 4 iPhones are purchased from operators. Apple Stores make only 10% of sales of the brand’s phones. Regarding the iPad, Americans make their purchases in the stores of Best Buy, a large distribution chain of electronic equipment in North America. Apple stores generate 20% of sales and stand before operators.

However, the CIRP recalls that these figures (calculated between the months of September 2016 and September 2017) are of course averages. At certain times of the year, Apple’s direct sales may exceed that of operators and Best Buy.