My small business

How about managing a sect? This is exactly what Underhand, a solo card game that puts you in the shoes of a guru who has a lot of work to do.

Between the recruitment of new members of worship, the sacrifices to the gods, the taxes and the police which puts its nose in your business, you do not have time to be unemployed.

The whole interest of the game rests on the management of your resources, presented in the form of cards which you have in hand.

A Lovecraftian atmosphere

If the music is a bit jazzy and classic enough, the graphic style ofUnderhand fits fully into a fantastic universe.

The interface is however all that it has of simpler: a parquet with a kind of pentacle in the center, the cards which you have in hand, and a card “event” announcing the continuation of the adventures to you.

Everything is thought to immerse you in the dark and unhealthy atmosphere of a sect praising satanic gods.


Write your story

The game is organized in the form of towers. At each turn, an event (a card) presents itself to you.

The events are very varied and again appear as you progress.

You then have the choice between three options which are presented to you. Each of them asks to spend resource cards which are classified into 5 categories: relic, cultist, prisoner, money, suspicion or food.

Some event cards will also make you collect resource cards.

Let’s take an example with the event “Donate to charity to reduce suspicion by the police”.

You have three options: “give food to the hungry”, “give money to the poor” or give nothing with the “charity is for the poor” option.

Whichever choice you make, it will affect the cards you have in hand and upcoming events …

Managing your card resources coming and going makes all the saltUnderhand.

It may happen that the cards you have in hand limit your choice among the three proposed actions.

If none of your cards allow you to perform an action, you lose the game.

Cornelian choices

Do members of your cult get sick? You can pay a doctor, or quarantine the members in question.

You need to get new members. Are you going to indoctrinate them or take them prisoner?

The tax collector rings at your door. Are you going to pay your taxes or try to indoctrinate him with the risk of suspicion that this entails?

So many choices that will have consequences for the future of your sect. So you should always be one step ahead and not spend your resources lightly.

You must also be careful not to have more than 15 cards, otherwise you will suffer the wrath of the gods.

You can appease them by making a sacrifice for example, but it requires a lot of your cards. A situation that shows the complexity of the choices you have to make.

Keep cards in the event of a hard blow, without passing for a bad sect manager with the gods.


The blessing of the gods

As you progress, you will unlock god blessing cards. There are 7 to unlock throughout the game.

At the start of each game, you will benefit from the blessings of the gods you invoked previously by successfully completing a series of several key events.

The gods’ blessing cards are listed in the gallery (found in the game menu) and in the game when you win them.

A somewhat hollow story

The story is built as you progress, there is not really a script written in advance that makes you want to know more and move on.

Insofar as you are simply asked to be a good manager and to advance your “business”, you are going a bit blindly while waiting for the next events that come your way.

Underhand is therefore not for you if you like to progress in an adventure. You can only count on your curiosity and your will to collect the gods’ blessing cards to move forward.