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Unc0ver: the jailbreak of iOS 12.2 available in final version


Posted: July 15 2019
Updated: July 15, 2019

by Steve

That’s it, it’s the big day ! If you think you are limited in the use of your iPhone worshiped, today can mark the beginning of your new life. The team behind Unc0ver, which has always accustomed us to very good work, has just announced the availability of a stable jailbreak and therefore in final version ofiOS 12.2. After a short beta period, you will be able to enjoy this jailbreak in the best conditions.

In recent days, no less than seven betas had been released. The developer Pwn20wnd, in charge of this famous Unc0ver, therefore announced to have put an end to these test periods thanks to a successful version. If you were on beta, it is advisable to switch to this final version in order to have fewer bugs and better stability. To update, simply restart your device and re-jailbreak it. It’s easier than before! Especially since the tweaks will not be lost using this method.

Only devices with an A9 (X), A10 (X) and A11 (X) processor will be able to take advantage of this jailbreak, available on iOS 12.1.3, iOS 12.14, and iOS 12.1.2. The final version of unc0ver for iOS 12 up to iOS 12.2 is available on GitHub or via this address.