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Unable to play a video on YouTube: what to do to unblock the application?

Loading YouTube videos on mobile can be tricky. And it’s not (always) a connection problem. Here are some essential methods to find a smooth viewing of your favorite videos.

unlock youtube video loading

The YouTube application is really essential, preinstalled on all Android smartphones. Sometimes unfortunately, the app may no longer work. The loading seems infinite and you inevitably lose patience. Here’s how to regain control of the video platform.

First, check your internet connection! If you are at home, did the wifi not jump or did you go too far from the box? If you are away from home, check that you are still on the network. It can sometimes happen that your smartphone indicates a connection to the beautiful fix when the reality seems quite different. In this case, launch another application to find out if the problem affects only YouTube or all applications.

You are indeed connected but YouTube does as it pleases?

Simply restart the application and try your luck again. If after a reboot, the app remains stuck, try updating the app from the Play Store. Finally, and since the old solutions are still good in IT, you can try to uninstall and reinstall YouTube on your smartphone.

If the problem is still not resolved, you can clear the application cache from the menu Settings> Application> Youtube> Storage> Clear cache.

clear cache youtube mobile

Google is particularly sensitive to bad timing. If your clock is not set correctly, its services may malfunction. Google search is part of it just like the YouTube app, you can define your settings to automatically set the time on your smartphone from the menu Settings> System> Date and time. Or for other smartphones in Settings> Advanced settings> Date & time. Complete the procedure by restarting your phone.

Finally and as a last resort, if you didn’t know, you can simply use another app to play your YouTube videos. Like for example NewPipe which will allow you in addition to being able to play Youtube videos in the background.

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