Ultrabook: voice recognition in late 2012

Ultrabook: voice recognition in late 2012

Image 1: Ultrabook: voice recognition in late 2012

Intel wishes to include in the specifications of Ultrabooks voice recognition software. The purpose of the operation: to control your computer by voice.

Intel is leading this venture jointly with Nuance, the company behind the engine of Siri, the iPhone 4S voice recognition software. With its expertise, Intel wanted to develop software for its ultra-thin computers. Appointed Dragon Assitant, it is a derivative of the Dragon Naturally Speaking software already marketed by Nuance.

Intel has demonstrated this system on a Dell PC. The engineer in charge of this appetizer succeeded in carrying out a search on the Internet, finding a product on Amazon and start playing a music by the only sound of his voice.

Dragon Assistant will be natively integrated into Ultrabooks. Its advantage compared to Apple or Google systems is that it is completely autonomous and therefore does not require an Internet connection. Optimized for new processors Ivy Bridge, it will be available in beta at the end of 2012 and in final version in Ultrabooks from 2013.

Image 2: Ultrabook: voice recognition in late 2012Intel demonstration