Ultrabook: tips for buying well

Ultrabook: tips for buying well

Mobile and versatile

Image 1: Ultrabook: tips for buying well

Acer Aspire S7TheUltrabook is the latest darling of the high-tech universe. Thin, fast, efficient and autonomous, it echoes the needs of consumers. By embarking on this project, its instigator, Intel, wanted him to bring together the mobility of a Tablet and the versatility of a PC.

After smartphones, netbooks and tablets, many manufacturers have rushed into this new breach. Only drawback, to obtain the label “Ultrabook”, the PCs concerned must respect five Intel prerogatives: finesse, quick start, autonomy, security and aggressive price.

Cannibalized by the success of tablets, the laptop needed a makeover. The Ultrabook does it. If it causes a feeling of desire, it is still necessary to define its choice in the growing offer and in particular Windows 8 which opened the market to tactile Ultrabooks.

What are their differences ? Which are the best Ultrabooks ? How to choose the ideal device? Here is the guide to choose an Ultrabook through the available or future models.