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UKTVNow (APK) 8.16

UKTVNow was a good alternative to other apps for watching live TV on Android. However during our test, there were too many inactive or non-functional flows and the application seems to be neglected by its developers.

UKTVNow is an Android application that lets you watch TV channels from your Android smartphone. It offers a wide choice of video streams in many languages.

How to install UKTVNow?

Unlike other apps that you can download from the official store on your phone, UKTVNow is not available on the Google Play Store. To install it, you will have to do it “manually”.

First download the APK file of the application on this page. Once on your phone, just go to your file manager and select it. You will be offered to install it or else “allow unknown sources” in your settings. This step is mandatory for installation.

What does UKTVNow bring compared to its competitors?

In all fairness, UKTVNow does not contribute much compared to its competitors. It is a kind of copy of what is made everywhere less good. Video streams (which remains the most important element) do not always work, causing real frustration.

The design is exactly the same as that of TV Tap. Except that one of the two applications works much better. It seems that the developers have made the choice to drop their application. Indeed, it is no longer updated as is also the case with their social networks for many months now.

An application abandoned today

So, UKTVNow is no longer of great interest today. We advise you to turn to functional and safe solutions. However, when it works and the servers are operational, it was an interesting application.

Like its competitors, this time no need to create a user account to watch TV channels. Just browse through the catalog and directly choose the programs that interest you to launch them.

In terms of added features, it also remains similar with the categories by theme or by country or by language. You will also be able to have favorite channels to find them quickly.

Clearly, if UKTVNow was a very interesting application a few months ago and in the race, the succession is today ensured by TV Tap, which offers exactly the same thing but better.

So remember that we regret the fact that UKTVNow does not always work when desired. In addition, the application has exactly the same design as TV Tap which works wonderfully (maybe it is the same team behind?). Nevertheless, special mention for the wide choice of channels from around the world.