Ubuntu One Files

Ubuntu One Files

If the application is simple, it is also too simplistic. Ideal for working files, we would have liked a few more possibilities on the multimedia side. In addition, the cloud storage service Ubuntu One is very good, to test therefore!

Like upstream services like iCloud, SkyDrive, Google Drive and, of course, DropBox, Ubuntu launched Ubuntu One, its own cloud storage service.

Offering, upon registration, 5 GB of storage, Ubuntu One proves to be an alternative just as efficient as others offering clients for Windows, OS X, natively for the Ubuntu OS, Android and iOS.

If computer clients have nothing to envy their competitors, we cannot say, for the time being, the same thing for mobile clients (especially in its iOS version). The interface is simple, it’s a fact, and therefore accessible; however, its possibilities are far too limited.

Indeed, there is a simple file browser which proves (for the time being) not very flexible, this only allowing to open image files without a third-party app. It will, on the other hand, allow you to create folders, add image, video, audio and other files.