Ubuntu Linux lands on M1 Macs with a new port

M1 Macs can now install Ubuntu Linux thanks to a new independent port from Corellium. The modified version of the kernel supports USB, I2C and DART. But you still have to buy a dongle to connect to the network.

Mac M1 Linux
Credit: Unsplash

Who says new ARM macs with their M1 chip are limited? The transition to Apple Silicon seems to be off to a good start with surprisingly powerful and capable machines for a variety of tasks. Above all, the user experience is marked by a responsive interface, including with Intel applications emulated to be able to run under this architecture.

There is however one regret: the disappearance of Bootcamp, a program that allowedinstall with disconcerting simplicity Windows and / or Linux on a 2nd partition. A priori the program is not ready to make a comeback in the Apple ecosystem which seems to want its machines to run only with their OS. While allowing the launch of other operating systems in virtualization programs.

Discover the first functional Linux port on M1 Macs

This does not prevent developers from port alternative operating systems all the same on these machines. However, it is not easy: the M1 chips of the new macs are, of course, based on ARM architecture – they nevertheless include a number of personalized elements for which documentation does not exist. What complicates the development of drivers for these components.

The boss of Corellium – which we have already spoken about in a lawsuit brought by Apple – announces that his teams have developed a functional build of Ubuntu Linux for these machines. According to him, USB, i2C and DART are supportedotherwise it would be difficult to use the system. However, you must plug in a USB dongle to be able to connect to the Internet (no WiFi support).

He is not alone: ​​another developer, Hector Martin, known for his all-out Linux ports, also explains that he is well advanced. Fact the platform arouses a lot of interest, and we should see similar things pay off in the coming weeks and months. Corellium’s Ubuntu Linux port is anyway already available for anyone who wants to test it.

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You just have to go to this page which contains everything you need to install it on your machine.