Ubisoft +: subscribers can now access all games on Google Stadia

Ubisoft + subscribers no longer need a gaming PC to access the French publisher’s catalog. They can simply go to Google’s Stadia and stream it to a more conventional TV, smartphone, or computer. Ubisoft offers this access in its subscription at 15 euros. But that doesn’t include Stadia Pro. Explanations.

ubisoft more Stadia compatible
Immortal Fenyx Rising

This fall, Ubisoft presented its new subscription gaming offering. UPlay + has been replaced by Ubisoft +, a catalog of games accessible on the “all-you-can-play” model. A hundred games, including all the most recent titles from the French publisher (Watchdogs Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortal Fenyx Rising, etc.), are present there, as well as all DLC and Season Passes. The price of this subscription: 15 euros per month. If you finish two games in the year, you have already paid for the subscription.

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Along with this announcement, Ubisoft announced that the catalog included in the subscription would be accessible on Stadia, Google’s streaming game service. Double good news. On the one hand for Stadia which will certainly gain many users (and therefore, by extension, potential subscribers). And on the other hand for players who did not have much choice to take advantage of their subscription. Indeed, Ubisoft + was not until now accessible only on PC.

A simple smartphone is enough to access Ubisoft +

This means that players must regularly change their platform to take full advantage of new features. Like Valhalla, which the GeForce RTX 3090 has trouble running. It is no longer inevitable. Because access to Stadia can be done through a more conventional computer (the only constraint is that it is able to read a streaming video stream). In addition, the service is also available sure tablet, smartphone and Chromecast (some televisions also include one). It is extremely practical.

Ubisoft + access is open on Stadia today, Tuesday December 15, 2020. How does this work ? If you are a Ubisoft + subscriber, you open a free account on Stadia, you connect your Ubisoft + account to your Stadia account, and the publisher’s games will be added to your library, as if you had purchased them from Stadia. No need to spend anything more. However, if you want the best experience on Stadia (no waiting lines, display in 4K HDR), a Pro subscription (at 9 euros per month) may be worth considering. But it is not a necessity.

Warning, Stadia Pro subscribers do not have free access to the Ubisoft + catalog. For them, two solutions: either subscribe to the service, or buy the games individually in the Stadia store (with the discounts that are going well). Note that the advantage of purchasing is that it is permanent. If a Stadia subscriber decides to stop their Ubisoft + subscription, they will no longer have access to the games.