Ubisoft files a complaint against Apple and Google

area f2 27026 13 e1589708161329 - Ubisoft porte plainte contre Apple et Google


Posted: May 17, 2020Updated: May 17, 2020

by Steve

The French video game giant, Ubisoft, has just filed a complaint against two digital behemoths: Apple and Google. The publisher has started this legal action because they distribute on their respective stores, the App Store and the Google Store, Area F2, an FPS which is surprisingly similar to Rainbow Six Siege. In the comments of the App Store card, Internet users actually say that there are too many similarities between the two games.

area f2 27026 13 e1589708161329 - Ubisoft files a complaint against Apple and Google

Area F2 is a first-person shooter like Rainbow Six Siege, developed by Ejoy, a subsidiary of Alibaba. According to Ubisoft, who therefore filed his complaint in Los Angeles this Friday, “every aspect of Area F2 copies R6S, from the selection screen to the scoreboard, and everything in between”, qualifying even the title of “carbon copy” of Rainbow Six: Siege.

Ejoy seeks to capitalize on the popularity of Rainbow Six Siege and “capture the attention and money of (its) players,” continues Ubisoft. Area F2 was made available to iPhone and Android users last month. Ubisoft had previously informed Apple and Google that Area F2 had infringed copyright, but the two companies had refused to remove the title. As a reminder, 55 million players are registered on Rainbow Six Siege, which does not exist on Android or iOS.