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Two Google applications arrive in the Samsung Galaxy Store, but what for?

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Two Google sign applications have arrived on the Galaxy Store, the application store that Samsung installs on all its smartphones. These are Wear OS, which is used to control a connected object under this OS, and Translate. Their arrival raises some questions about the goal sought by Google. Here is our hypothesis.

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The Play Store is the application store that Google has designed for Android. Hundreds of thousands of applications are offered, in all possible genres. And Google uses it as well for enrich Android experience that to drive own software and some updates of its operating system. At the same time, there are other shops. LApp Gallery from Huawei. LAmazon App Store. And of course the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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The latter is preinstalled on all smartphones from the Corenne brand. And two new applications have been detected there. And they are both Google signs. These are Translate and Wear OS. The first is a multilingual translator and the second is used to connect a smartphone with a connect accessory, such as a watch for example. The arrival of these two applications is not recent on the Galaxy Store. And for now, there are only these two. But it was only recently that they aroused the interest of observers.

The idea is not to split the offer

Because, at first glance, the interest for Google to be present in the Galaxy Store is quite limited. Indeed, Samsung installs Google Mobile Services suite in all its terminals. A suite that includes the Play Store, Chrome, Search and more. If something is missing from this list, just go to the Play Store to complete the list. No need to go to the Galaxy Store for this. Some fans of the brand believe that the Galaxy Store is a guarantee that the applications present are compatible with their mobile. Certainly, the Galaxy Store could promote software from Google. But is this really a good reason? No.

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On the other hand, another theory is much more interesting. It concerns China. A big country with a lot of consumers, but o the Play Store is unavailable. But where the Galaxy Store is accessible. Arriving in the Galaxy Store, Google thus bypassed part of the Chinese censorship. And even more, the choice of the two applications is not trivial. If Samsung wants to market a watch in Wear OS in China, it can do so. And Chinese consumers will be able to use an automatic translator with their Galaxy. These two apps are like a Pandora's box. It remains to be seen whether Google will expand its offer on the Galaxy Store and whether its applications will arrive on other stores (such as that of Huawei, Oppo or Xiaomi).

And of course, if you have your own theory, don't hesitate to fuel the debate in the comments below.

Source: SamMobile

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