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Pleasant to use, fluid and well thought out, the app Twitter does not do more than online service but does it the right way. We communicate and discover easily, quickly. To test and adopt.

It is no longer necessary to present Twitter. The microblogging service (tickets of 280 characters maximum) has conquered the planet … and smartphones!

On Android as on iOS, the application interface is very close to online service; simple, effective. Users will therefore not be lost.

The main screen will therefore display your news feed as well as 2 other tabs: discover and activity. Each tweet has the icons necessary for retweet, reply and bookmarking. The tickets can of course be extended to full screen in order to enjoy the full text, image, sound or video content.

In terms of menus and access nothing extraordinary once again, but the necessary proven on the web: notification, private messages, search for accounts or keywords and account settings.

If the application is fluid and pleasant to use, the observation is even more convincing on a tablet.

Note that it will be possible to configure multiple accounts on the application. Useful especially when you have a family tablet or have multiple accounts (personal and professional for example).