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Twitter: how to revert to the old version?

Don’t like the new version of Twitter? Here’s how to go back to the old way!

Twitter Old Version

If you are a follower of Twitter, you must have noticed the update of the website interface. However, it is perfectly understandable that you are attached to the old version.

Trouble? This option does not appear anywhere in the social network settings.

How to find the old Twitter with an extension?

If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the easiest way is to install the GoodTwitter extension. This extension makes your user agent * defined as Internet Explorer 11. A browser too old to support the new version.

*The user agent is the client application passing through a particular network protocol to access the web.

>> Download Good Twitter:

And without extension?

On Firefox, it is possible to have the same effect without the extension. It is therefore necessary to manually change its user agent.

Enter about: config in the link bar and click on I take the risk.

Mozilla Firefox about: config

Right click on the parameter list and select New Character String.

Mozilla Firefox about: config new string

Name it “” then give it the value “Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT6.3; Trident / 7.0; rv: 11.0) like Gecko”

New String Twitter Override Value

Finally click on okay to validate the changes.

If the changes do not take effect. Delete your cookies by clicking on the ⓘ to the left of the link bar.

Clear cookies

Finally reconnect.

Here ! Your Twitter is now like new. Finally … you got it.

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