Twitter copies contacts from your iPhone to its servers

Twitter copies contacts from your iPhone to its servers

After the discovery of a similar process Recently, the scandalous Path application has revealed that Twitter is also at the heart of a controversy over the use it makes of its users' data from its iPhone and Android applications.

It’s best to be notified if you’re using the Twitter app on an iPhone or Android smartphone. The social network imports on its servers the whole address book of users who ask “find their friends” on Twitter, and stores this data for a year and a half, reports the Los Angeles Times. Twitter has confirmed that it reserves the right to store all of the user's contacts on its servers when using the "find friends" feature.

In fact, the data exchange takes place when the user wants to find his contacts on Twitter to add them easily. When he goes to the third tab of the “Discover” application, he is asked to find knowledge. As soon as this feature is enabled, the entire address book is sent to Twitter servers, with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of each contact. The data is then kept for 18 months without the knowledge of the user. Asked about this, Caroline Penner, spokesperson for Twitter, said that this detail would be clarified soon so that "the application can warn the user that the data is transmitted and stored remotely". And this last to specify: “Instead of“ Browse your address book ”, the explanatory text will say“ Send your contacts ”(on iPhone) or“ Import your contacts ”(on Android)”. The spokesperson concludes by indicating that users can manually request the immediate deletion of contacts, by clicking on the appropriate link on this page.

Fuzzy terms of use

In its general conditions of use and more precisely in the party which concerns “private life”, the social network does indeed state a period of conservation of certain “data” for a period of 18 months but the latter does not mention not for a moment that it could be the user's address book.

Excerpt from the Twitter Terms:

“Our servers automatically record information (“ Log Data ”) created by your use of the Services. Log Data can include information such as your IP address, browser type, referring domain name, pages visited, your mobile operator, device and application IDs, and search terms. Other actions, such as interactions with our website, applications and advertisements, may also be included in the Log Data. If we have not already deleted the Log Data earlier, we will delete or remove any identifiers, such as your username, full IP address, or email address, after 18 months. ”

Recently, the Path social network was accused of the same practices. He quickly rectified this by proposing an update of his application.

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(Via Los Angeles Times )