Twitch: A beta version available on Apple TV

Twitch: A beta version available on Apple TV

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twitch icone ipa iphone ipad appWhether you are a Fortnite player, World of Warcraft, PUBG, Minecraft, Apex Legends … One thing unites us all. Twitch! The video game streaming service, finally launches on the Apple TV, after long years of waiting.

Twitch in beta version right now on the Apple TV

Good news !
After its availability on the PlayStation 4, iPhone, iPad … Twitch is ready to launch its application on tvOS. Amazon, which owns the Twitch brand since August 24, 2014, has announced via Twitter that a beta version is available for people who want to test it.

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Twitch developers have officially launched the idea of ​​offering the streaming application on Apple TV. It was something that was very much expected by many users. For a long time, there is the alternative "twitchy", a nice application, nice to use that takes a little Twitch universe, but it is not the official application.

If you are interested in installing Twitch's beta on tvOS, simply click on the link in Twitch Support's tweet.

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