Tweetbot: the new ultimate weapon for tweeting?

Tweetbot: the new ultimate weapon for tweeting?

If you hear the first reactions to the tweetosphere, the arrival of the new Tweetbot app – which is said to be one of the best Twitter clients – would be a great success. And it is true that at first glance, the application seems to be very effective in terms of the functionality it brings, but where it stands out among the competition, it is above all in terms of its ergonomics and user comfort. Belgium-iPhone has reviewed the application for you.

When you have added your Twitter account (s), the timeline that will appear will take you back to the standard functionalities that can already be found on other Twitter clients for iPhone but with a few "more". For example, click on the center of the feed title bar to select and use one of your lists as feed, a relatively easy and quick sorting. In addition to the possibility of discovering the tweets where your Twitter account is mentioned, the DM (direct messages or private messages) and your favorite tweets, a Search functionality is also offered. The latter is relatively complete and will allow you to search for specific people or Twitter accounts already listed in several categories (News, Art, Fashion & Design, Associations and charity, Official Twitter accounts, Entertainment, Humor, Music, etc.). The functionality also allows you to search for a subject by keyword and finally allows you to discover “hot topics” (trending). Note that the timeline has the advantage of automatically refreshing and that the last two tabs are customizable (just touch and extend one of these two tabs to find a tab selector.

What makes Tweetbot strong is the way it is possible to interact with the tweets that have caught our attention. Swipe, for example, a tweet to the right to view the conversation, or to the left to view the latest related tweets. Double-touch the areas of a tweet to display details, touch and hold to display options, it is for example possible to configure the "tripe touch". The proposed interactions will allow you to reply to a tweet, retweet it, place it in your favorites, publish a link to the tweet concerned, copy it, send it by email, translate it, and obtain details.

When writing a tweet, the application will allow you to indicate or not your position via geolocation, to possibly attach an image to it, and if you don't want to publish your tweet immediately, you can save it in draft.

Finally, a relatively complete Adjustment menu will allow you to adapt your parameters according to your wishes.


The new Tweetbot app turns out to be a promising Twitter client for the iPhone. We will appreciate to discover its many proposed features in a much more ergonomic way than the official Twitter application. We regret, however, that it is not yet possible to receive alerts in the form of push notification. likely to come in a future release? Even if the application scores 1.59, you still have the feeling that you are getting value for money especially if the application is going to evolve. In the end, Tweetbot proves to be an excellent Twitter client for iPhone (perhaps the best Twitter client available so far), it will become essential when it is able to offer the famous push notifications which are essential when 'the microblogging site is used extensively.

Download Tweetbot for iPhone on the App Store (1.59).

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