TV & streaming: how to watch the European Championship of Men's Handball?

TV & streaming: how to watch the European Championship of Men's Handball?

After a world handball won by the team of France feminine, we are eager to attend the lEHF EURO 2018 men!

This year, Croatia will organize on its territory this 13 edition of the European Championship of Handball. The matches will take place from January 12 to 28, 2018, in four of the country's major cities (Zagreb, Split, Varazdin, Porec).

2018 Euro Men's Handball Schedule

From January 12 to 17, there will be four games each day of the competition (details below). Then, it will be the semi-finals, Friday, January 26, and the final, Sunday, January 28.

January 12

6:15 pm – Sude VS Iceland (Group A)18h15 – Belarus VS Austria (Group B)

8.30 pm – Croatia VS Serbia (Group A)20h30 – France VS Norway (Group B)

January 13

5:15 pm – Germany VS Montngro (Group C) 18h15 – Spain VS Rp.tchque (Group D)

19:30 – Macdoine VS Slovenia (Group C) 8.30 pm – Denmark VS Hungary (Group D)

January 14

18h15 – Serbia VS Sude (Group A)6:15 pm – Austria VS France (Group B)

8.30 pm – Iceland VS Croatia (Group A) 8.30 pm – Norway VS Belarus (Group B)

January 15th

18h10 – Slovnie VS Germany (Group C) 18h15 – Hungary VS Spain (Group D)

19h30 – Montngro VS Macdoine (Group C)20h30 – Rep. VS Denmark (Group D)

January 16th

18h15 – France VS Belarus (Group B)18h15 – Serbia VS Iceland (Group A)

8.30 pm – Norway VS Austria (Group B)20h30 – Croatia VS Sude (Group A)

January 17

18h10 – Germany VS Macdoine (Group C)18h15 – Rp.Tchque VS Hungary (Group D)

8:30 pm – Spain VS Denmark (Group D) 8.30 pm – Montenegro VS Slovenia (Group C)

The European Championship of Men's Handball TV and streaming

In France, all matches in the European Handball Championship will be broadcast on the beIN Sports channel.

If you want to subscribe this channel, subscription without commitment is 15 per month.

Note that if France qualifies in the semifinals and finals, the matches of the national team will be diffuss in clear and live on M6.

The European Championship for Men's Handball for free, or almost

If you do not want to subscribe beIN Sports, why not watch the European Championship of Men's Handball in a caf?

Thanks to the site Allomatch, find places that broadcast sports events in your city. Simply go to the website, type your address and select the sport that interests you (Handball, Tennis, Basketball).

Allomatch is also available as an application Android and iOS.

Watch the European Championship of Men's Handball from abroad

If you have a beIN Sport subscription, if you are traveling abroad and you do not want to miss this sports event, you can subscribe to a VPN (Virtual Private Network in good French).

With this one, you can hide your geographic location and browse websites as if you were in your home country (or anywhere in the world, you choose).

For more information, see our selection of the best VPN 2018, some are even free.

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