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Tutuapp is an application reserved for advanced users, heavy consumers of video games or with professional uses, in particular as regards communication applications such as whatsapp ++, facebook ++ or instagram ++ which allow multi-account management.

The story of Tutuapp

Historically, Tutuapp – formerly Tutuhelper – is an iOS installer that allows you to operate official and unofficial applications, without jailbreaking your iphone or ipad. It is the best alternative to Cydia, which works with a jailbroken terminal. Tutuapp was a quick success when the pokemon go game was released in 2016, allowing its users to download a modified version of the game, which then made it possible to teleport by deceiving the GPS of the terminal used.

What is Tutuapp used for

The Tutuapp application allows you to install modified applications and games so that you can download paid applications for free or benefit from unlimited use over time, without the need for in-app purchases. The application is known to offer the following modified applications:

Spotify ++: The application offers in particular the possibility of blocking visual and auditory advertising formats WhatsApp ++: The application allows for example to have 2 numbers on a single terminal, to have an account shared with several people Pokémon GO: As we said in introduction, the Tutuapp application makes it possible to deceive the phone’s GPS and move around more easily to collect coins easily. Facebook ++: The application allows you to save videos on your terminal or use messenger on your Facebook account. Instagram ++: The application offers a large amount of additional features, such as blocking advertisements, saving stories, uploading photos, managing multiple accounts on one terminal …