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TutuApp: the alternative to Cydia without jailbreak (iOS 8 to iOS 12)

TutuApp iPhone - TutuApp : l

TutuApp iPhone - TutuApp : l

If like us you are impatiently waiting for the iOS 12 jailbreak For many weeks and you are not on your first iPhone, you have probably heard of TutuApp (formerly known as TuTuHelper). It is an application from Asia, from which you can download thousands of official and unofficial apps for free, and very often modified (unlimited in-app purchases, additional features, etc.). In other words, a Cydia-like without jailbreak!

TutuApp was popularized in Europe (and therefore in France) after the release of the excellent augmented reality game Pokémon GO, developed by Nintendo. Indeed, it is possible to download from TutuApp a cracked version of the flagship augmented reality game of the Japanese giant and thus very easily capture all Pokémon by cheating (read: Pokémon GO: cheat and teleport (false GPS location without jailbreak)) .

In this tutorial that we just updated for iOS 12, you will learn how to install the free version of TutuApp, which will quickly become essential if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch not jailbroken (or not jailbreakable). A real alternative to Cydia and the Apple App Store to try urgently!

Download and install TutuApp (iOS 12 – iOS 8)

1) To install TutuApp, go to this address from Safari on your iOS device and not from your PC. Make sure you are on the “Download TutuApp”And not on“VIP”Then press the green button“Install now”. When the message “ would like to install “TutuApp” ” appears, press Install.

2) Once the application is installed on your iDevice (whose icon is no longer a rabbit with a pink bow tie but a white rabbit on a navy blue background), you will now have to validate the certificate linked to TutuApp. This is to prevent the message “Unapproved Enterprise Developer”Is only displayed when you launch the app.

3) See you in Settings> General> Device management (in iOS 11, Profiles and devices in iOS 10), then tap on the profile “China Mobile Group Heilongjiang…”, and trust it (“Trust “China Mobile Group He…” then “Yes”). You can now open TutuApp. Slide twice to the right to end the presentation, then click Try. If a window appears, allow notifications (to receive an alert when a download is complete, among other things).

TutuApp iPhone - TutuApp: the alternative to Cydia without jailbreak (iOS 8 to iOS 12)

TutuApp iOS 12: download & install an application

1) Now that you have correctly installed TutuApp, you will arrive on the home screen on which the most popular games and applications appear. The other tabs are: Games (displays the games), Application (displays the applications), Rank (displays the most downloaded apps / games). The cloud at the top right of the screen replaces the old Management tab. By tapping on it, you can manage your downloads and get updates.

2) Once you have found the application you want to download via Tutuapp, press the blue button “install”(Or on the blue arrow if you find a tab and not on a particular file). The download will then launch automatically on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 8 to 12. Once this is completed, the installation will also be done by itself (or almost). To initiate it, just press the install button when the pop-up window “ would like to install “[Nom de l’app]”Appears.

3) When launching the app, it may be that “Unapproved Enterprise Developer”Is displayed again. In this case, go to Settings> General> Device management), then trust the certificate linked to this application / game, and voila!

The essential applications on TutuApp

Here is the list of essential applications present on the Chinese store TutuApp: Spotify ++ (Spotify premium free), Snapchat ++ / Snapchat Phantom (save Snaps photos or videos, unlimited replays, …), YouTube ++ (YouTube without ads, download videos,…), Instagram ++, WhatsApp ++ (dozens of additional useful features), Deezer ++ (Deezer premium free), Napster ++ (Napster premium free), Twitter ++ (additional features and shortcuts), Coolpixel (record your iPhone screen), iTransmission (BitTorrent client), Movie Box / BobbyMovie / PopcornTime (watch movies and series in streaming for free).

TutuApp: the essential games

Regarding games, TutuApp will allow you to download your favorite titles in hacked versions, with unlimited in-app purchases for example or resources in abundance. We can cite as examples Subway Surfers-Infinite Coins. There are therefore no “essential” games to speak of, since it depends on your tastes!

Remember that all these manipulations can be done without the need for jailbreak, on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12 with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them in the comments! 🙂