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[Tutoriel] Pokémon GO: move without moving, without jailbreak

pokemon go hack rental [Tutoriel] Pokémon GO: move without moving, without jailbreak

Hello Ramoloss. Through this tutorial, find out how to get around Pokémon GO without moving in real life. The jailbreak is not required.

A few weeks ago, we presented the PokemonGoAnywhere tweak, allowing you to move freely in the game without moving from home (cf. [Cydia] PokemonGoAnywhere: catch them all without moving!). Today, here is a new method that does not require a jailbreak.


Step 1 : Delete the application, and download Cydia Impactor at this address. Also download the .ipa file for version 1.1.1 of Pokémon GO to this address.

2nd step : Install Impactor. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Drag the .ipa file into the Cydia Impactor window.

Stage 3 : Enter your Apple ID and password to install the application.

Step 4 : Go to iPhone Settings> Device Management> and choose to Trust the developer certificate that has been assigned to you. Keep in mind that this certificate is valid for one year for developer accounts, but 7 days for free accounts. After this time, you will have to start the operation again.

You can now move your avatar freely in Pokémon GO, by pressing a location on the screen or using the virtual joystick that appears. Press the cog to access the options, and activate the Fake Location option. The M button lets you choose a location, while the house icon brings you back to your actual location. Click on a radar Pokémon to move to it directly. Savor omnipotence, and warn friends if you find Artikodin.

Did the hack work for you?


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