[Tutoriel] How to use Whatsapp with two different numbers?

[Tutoriel] How to use Whatsapp with two different numbers?

Many of you are confronted with the same problem: you have two phone numbers, but you can only use one with Whatsapp? Here is an alternative this problem thanks to an application: OGWhatsApp.

OGWhatsApp is a modified version of the famous mail service: WhatsApp. This app does not exist on the Play Store, but rest assured you do not need to have a root device to install it. Just follow these steps in the letter, and you can (among other additional features) use WhatsApp with two different numbers!


  • Make a backup of all your Whatsapp conversations (Whatsapp> Settings> Conversations> Save Conversations)
  • Delete the Whatsapp data in Settings> Apps> Whatsapp
  • Rename the folder / Sdcard / WhatsApp your smartphone by / Sdcard / OGWhatsApp
  • Download OGWhatsApp from this link (be sure to click on the "MediaFire" link)
  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp from the Play Store.
  • Go to OGWhatsApp, and enter your old number.
  • Go to Whatsapp, and enter your new number.

You will have two WhatsApp applications, which will manage two different phone numbers. This will make managing both numbers much easier!

Be careful to follow the steps in order! Otherwise, an error message will be displayed in OGWhatsApp.

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