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Tutorial – Solve the problem of GameCenter games on iPhone 3G

gamecenter 80x80 icon3 Tutorial Solve the problem of GameCenter games on iPhone 3G

In recent weeks, after the publication of a tweak allowing the use of the Game Center on the iPhone 3G, many users have complained about the impossibility of starting multiplayer games compatible with the service. We finally have the solution to the problem, so iPhone3GSystem offers, in this article, a tutorial allowing you access to multiplayer mode 😉

game center introducing20100901 Tutorial Solving the problem of GameCenter games on iPhone 3G

Before you start, a few caveats. iPhone3GSystem is absolutely not responsible for any damage that this tutorial could cause.

1. This guide can be used only with an iPhone 3G jailbreak under iOS 4.1

2. The device must have been JB with PwnageTool (Mac) or Sn0wbreeze (Windows). You must also have at least 800 MB free space in the root of the iPhone. You can modify this parameter using the two programs mentioned above.

3. The user must have previously carried out this procedure, in order to have the GameCenter activated.

Schermata 2010 10 05 to 10.13.06 414x304 Tutorial Solve the problem of GameCenter games on iPhone 3G


  • An SSH client, for example CyberDuck (Mac) or WinSCP (Windows)
  • OpenSSH, SBSettings and MobileSubstrate installed on the iPhone
  • This archive containing the files necessary for the operation.


1. Make sure iTunes is closed and SSH access enabled on your iPhone via SBSettings.

2. Go to the directory on your iPhone: / System / Library / Caches/ and make a copy of the file ” dyld_shared_cache_armv6

3. Then you have to replace the original file with the one you find in the archive.

It is important that you have at least 800 MB free space at the root.

Be careful not to delete the original file but replace it with that of the archive [!]

4. Now go into / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries / and put the files there: PatchGC.dylib and PatchGC.plist from the archive, pthen set permissions to 644.

5. Go to System / Library / Frameworks / and charge GameKit.framework. This will add compatibility with all the languages ​​supported by the GameCenter.

6. Restart the iPhone 3G.

7. Finally, to be able to store the statistics and information for certain games, you need to install a Cydia tweak.

Download and install AppLinks on Cydia.

Reconnect your iPhone in SSH: and copy the PatchGCGame.txt file in /User / AppLinks / App_Name /App_name

Example: “Ninja fruits” you must copy the patch in / User / AppLinks / / Fruit.App /).

8. Restart one last time

Enjoy 😉


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