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Tutorial – Solve infinite respring problems after installing Celeste

celeste1 Tutoriel   Résoudre les problèmes de respring infini après installation de Celeste

From personal experience, I have taken the initiative to write this tutorial for all users with a bricked iPhone / iPod after installing Celeste. Generally, you will realize that your device respring endlessly, and that the LockScreen does not respond.

Here are 2 solutions to get you out of there.

celeste1 Tutorial Resolving infinite respring problems after installing Celeste

Solution 1.

First of all, you should know that SBRotator 4 is not compatible with Celeste (finally the developer has submitted an update resolving the problem, but since your iPhone is bricked it?s already too late).

So you have to uninstall SBRotator manually.

Step 1 :

You will need to install a USB SSH connection utility on your computer, such as Diskaid or iPhone Disk. Once done, you need to connect your device via USB to your computer and launch the software.

2nd step :

Go to SSH in / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries

You should see the dylibs of SBRotator, delete the file named:


Then send the command ?respring? to your device or simply wait for it to do it all by itself (there are finally advantages: p). Normally your device should be functional again.

Solution 2.

Step 1 :

Connect in SSH and go to / Usr / bin

2nd step :

Rename the celeste and celestegremlin files to old.celeste and old.celestegremlin. Restart your device.

Step 3:

Go back to the / Usr / bin directory in SSH and rename the old.celeste and old.celestegremlin files to celeste and celestegremlin.

Note that all celestial files are listed here

Launch Cydia and remove the Celeste package.

Your iPhone should be functional ?

Hope to have helped you. Please let us know if it worked or not.

Note that all the problems reported are visible here

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