Tutorial – Resolving Cydia or other problems after installing iBooksFIX

Tutorial - Resolving Cydia or other problems after installing iBooksFIX

Edit. Well I just opened the DEB, here are the results I found

1) It looks like there is a “simonepsp.dylib” in / usr / lib. By deleting it and respringing your device, this should already solve the problems with the AppStore and iBooks. If not, leave a comment

2) Axel informs me via the comments that Comex has released its own DEB, by installing it you will already overwrite the bad handling of the previous DEB: http://a.qoid.us/hunnypot.deb

3) Tekdreamer offers you a “little summary” to see in the rest of the article


Following some small problems following the installation of the DEB of iBooksFIX, here is a post allowing you on the one hand to correct certain errors (crash of cydia, 2 applications on the SpringBoard etc …) and on the other hand to post here and nowhere else your problems in the comments.

Being alone, I will try to solve all your problems.

1. Cydia plant

I think the problem comes from the fact that the DEB was messed up, especially in the “control” file. I also have the same concerns. Currently, I am thinking of installing iBooksFIX.deb with a correct and functional control file. Comex has prepared one: http://a.qoid.us/hunnypot.deb

If it still doesn’t work, there must be some SSH files that have been changed, I’m in the process of determining which ones and will update the post afterwards, once the results are found.

2. I have 2 icons on my SpringBoard

One simple solution was found by one of our readers, Bob, whom you can thank.

Just go to SSH in / private / var / mobile / Library / WebClips and delete the following folders:

  • /var/mobile/Library/WebClips/E2B8B40015AS4CD1B3192875BA39A612.webclip
  • /var/mobile/Library/WebClips/17C211BE4A5845A1A8C77168C9A1EC16.webclip

Normally in there you will find the application icons, just to be sure that the right ones are

. A respring of your Springboard will make the 2 icons disappear.

These are the only 2 problems that were mentioned in the comments, I first ask you to apologize and then post your problems in the comments, and try to be as clear as possible to go more quick.

Thank you for your understanding.


Little recap of what I think I understood.

The installation of iBooksFIX-simonepsp.deb Initially made bug cydia when it seeks to make appear the package. This problem is not solved for the moment (it seems to come from a modification of file according to @Loris working on it right now)

Then the continuation of the installation via mobileterminal brings up two applications which are in fact safari links. These can be deleted thanks to SSH (Ifile or others).

Finally, 2 problems appear in some people but not in everyone and I don’t know how to determine their origins, probably the iphone model / .deb installation method.

To remove the problem with the app-store apps, delete the file simonepsp.dylibVia mobile terminal: type rm simonepsp.dylibVia Ifile / SSH: RDV usr / lib.

To remove the problem specific to iBooks, install the Comex .deb.

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