Tutorial – Make Cydia multitasking compatible

Tutorial - Make Cydia multitasking compatible

cydia Tutorial Making Cydia compatible multitaskingCydia is the ultimate application for any jailbroken iPhone. In particular, it allows customization and improvement of the functionality of our iDevices.

However, by digging well, we can stop on a small defect: multitasking.

[EDIT : Nous préférons vous mettre en garde, cette manipulation modifie le comportement de Cydia, et, selon les dires de Saurik lui même, il n’est pas conseillé d’activer le multitâche comme ceci. C’est une astuce, et iPh ne serait le conseiller aux novices et aux personnes n’en voyant pas l’intérêt, voir EDIT 2 en bas de l’article. ]

Update. If you had a problem just replace the Info.plist file with this one => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GYMAXY5C

Indeed, it is not possible for example to install a deb via cydia while browsing in the iPhone or using another app.

But this will now be doable thanks to a simple manipulation that we will describe in this little tutorial.


  • jailbroken iDevice (Yes it’s better…),
  • IFile application (available on the iPhons3GSystem repo).

Step 1

Launch iFile, then navigate along the following path:

var / stash / Applications / Cydia.app

2nd step

Arrive here, look in the list of files for the one named: Info.plist

IMG 05041 500x750 Tutorial Making Cydia compatible multitasking

Stage 3

Then click on this file, and choose ” Text Viewer in the list presented to you.

Once open, click on Edit at the top left of the screen and go to the bottom of the text file.

IMG 05051 500x750 Tutorial Making Cydia compatible multitasking

Step 4

Locate the following line:


Right below you see the value true assigned to this key.

You just have to change this value by false which will allow Cydia not to close it when you leave it.

So you should have this:

Untitled 22 500x937 Tutorial Making Cydia compatible multitasking

Step 5

Save your change, exit iFile and perform a respring.

Now, Cydia is now multitasking compatible!

You can now install an application or a tweak via Cydia in the background to take advantage of the other applications on your iPhone during this time!

[EDIT 2 : Voici le texte que fournit Saurik à propos de cette ‘astuce’ ]

Before you think about doing this you may want to read Saurik’s warning first …………

The iPhone3GSystem team

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