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Tutorial: learn how to check the iPhone’s battery life on the Apple Watch

apple watch power Tutorial: find out how to check the iPhone's battery life on the Apple Watch

Thanks to the Power app for Apple Watch, you can easily check the battery level of your iPhone from the watch. Discover the procedure to follow through this tutorial.

Having to take out your iPhone just to check the remaining battery life can be quite unpleasant and annoying. Luckily, several Apple Watch applications allow you to perform this verification directly from the screen of the headed watch. Among them, Power is one of the most intuitive and effective.


power tutorial Tutorial: find out how to check the autonomy of the iPhone on the Apple Watch

To use it, download the Power app from the App Store. Once installed, then launch the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Look for Power in the list of applications and select it.

Activate the options Show on Apple Watch and Show at a glanceeye. You just have to rearrange the glances to place Power in the desired location. For optimal display, we recommend positioning it right after the Watch stats.

You will now be able to see your iPhone’s battery level at any time. It is also possible to open the application from the Home menu for more information.

Convenient for charging

In order for everything to work, remember to open the application at least once on the iPhone. For more efficiency, do not hesitate to activate the notifications. Power will notify you for example when the battery is 100% charged.

Are you going to download the Power app?



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