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Tutorial – Jailbreak iOS 4.1 beta redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5 for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G


I have a problem with my iPhone and I need your help please.

My hardware: iPhone 3GS 16 GB newbootrom, firmware 4.1, Jailbroken with greenpoison.

the screen suddenly turned off when I was on the diary, since then it has been stuck on the apple. When it is blocked on the apple, it is not recognized by itunes and it restarts constantly to remain blocked on the apple.

I decided to restore in 5.1 and little does it matter if I lose my jailbreak, because I needed it. the iPhone goes without problem in DFU and in recovery mode cable + iTunes, recognized by itunes without problem, the restoration procedure begins, it does not start to inject the firmware and in itunes it marks wait for the iPhone and there hop it resets on the apple and itunes displays error 9.

I have made several attempts, on several computers with several cables, all the programs to exit recovery mode like iRecovery, redsn0w, tinyumbrella, ifaith… it only restarts on the apple and blocks on it.

I even tried to rejailbreak it with limera1n (since it is in 4.1) with redsn0w and again greenpoison, the jailbreak works perfectly, it is just at the time of restarting that it blocks on the apple.

Can someone guide me to finally restart my iPhone and finally see the springboard please? has someone had the same experience and has a procedure that i haven’t tried yet?

Thank you very much in advance