Tutorial: How to turn a Samsung Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S5?

Tutorial: How to turn a Samsung Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S5?

The next Samsung flagship is not yet released that already, it is possible to transform a Galaxy S4 Galaxy S5. new menu, revised design, applications, and new fast settings, almost everything goes.

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As often for this type of modification, you will need a Galaxy S4 root. If you have not done it yet, you can take a look at our tutorial: Root Samsung Galaxy S4.

We will have to install APKs and access system folders, so we will need a file explorer with root privileges. We will use ES File Explorer, but you are free to choose the one you like most.

ES File Explorer
Install on Google Play

Enable root rights in ES File Explorer

If you use another application, the procedure will not be exactly the same, but it will look a lot like this.

1. Start ES File Explorer and pull the options menu from the left of the screen, and activate Root Explorer. Then click on the box and on Go to read / write.

2. Configure permissions as in the following photo:

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 mount root
You can disable write permissions after manipulation, just to have a secure system. / AndroidPIT

New notifications menu

The new design of the menu notifications and quick settings, in the Tizen style is emblematic of the Galaxy S5. Flat design, round icons and less garish colors are on the menu.

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 fast parameters
The new icons are less flashy than the old ones … well, the current ones. / AndroidPIT

To enjoy this new layout on your Galaxy S4, just go with your file explorer in the folder system then open the named file build.prop and open it for editing. Find the lines ro.product.name and ro.product.device and modify them as follows:

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 build prop
You simply change the model name of your device here. / AndroidPIT

The Galaxy S5's backdrop

There are several applications that can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. These give you access to the new Samsung screens, those that adorn the Galaxy S5. Be careful, some have really dubious permissions.

To benefit from icons in flat design, there is a rather successful theme for the Solo Launcher launcher.

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 wallpapers s5

The settings menu of the Galaxy S5

We will actually use an APK that will replace another existing one. We will change the system files, so follow the procedure letter, no risky changes! The APK in question was posed by zohawhish on the XDA forum (bottom of the first post, "LINK").

You just have to copy this APK in the folder priv-app, itself in the system folder. To remain cautious, we will rename this APK in SecSettings2.apk. Then then only copy it to priv-app, not to delete the original file. Then you can move the original file above (SecSettings.apk) in another folder, and rename the downloaded file to SecSettings.apk.

If you have not followed everything, the principle is to replace the original file with the new one, without crushing it. Hence the name changes.

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 priv apps
Simply copy the APK to the priv-app folder, saving the original file. AndroidPIT

You then need to set the permissions for the newly copied APK, to do this select the file and click on More down right then on Properties. You, the owner, must have the right to write on this file.

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 permissions apk
The right in writing allows you to modify the files. / AndroidPIT

You will now have two applications Paramtres, the old and the new. The new menu allows you to display in list mode, which we already know but especially that in grid mode, which we discovered when the Galaxy S5 was released. It looks like what the brand is doing on its Tizen home operating system.

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 menu settings
The settings menu of the Galaxy S5. / AndroidPIT

If the list view does not work for you, install this APK, which is supposed to fix the problem on Note 3, but which also works on the S4. Restart and your settings menu should look like the Galaxy S5 trait for feature.

transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 menu list
If the grid does not fit, you can return to a list view. / AndroidPIT
transform samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 menu download booster
The new download booster, and its translation into French misses. / AndroidPIT

Galaxy S5 applications

We've already told you, some Galaxy S5 applications are already installable. The result is not very conclusive at the moment. You can already use the Gear Manager and Gear Fit Manager. To install them, see our tutorial: 7 applications of the Samsung Galaxy S5 dj available.

Have you transformed your Galaxy S4 into S5? Do you prefer new or old design?

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