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Tutorial – How to properly clean your device

Here is a tutorial that changes from usual.

This one offers some methods to clean your device as much as possible. Of course, all of this applies to all your other devices!

  Tutorial How to properly clean your device

Use of alcohol or disinfectant:

You can simply use household alcohol, disinfectant, or even a pre-impregnated wipe to clean keyboards, mice, laptops, headphones,… it’s simple, efficient and quick 😉

What about touch screens?

For the tactile, as on a tablet or a smartphone, the question of cleaning is more delicate. Indeed manufacturers, like Apple, hardly recommend the use of alcohol, ammonia and other household products! Although many claim that at low doses there is no risk to your screens.

Use screen protectors!

Well, yeah ! Screen protections are not only for protection. They will also allow you to more easily clean your touch windows without the risk of nuisance! If you don’t know where to find them, they are available in our iPh store for example.

Another alternative?

iKlenz or CleanTouch, recommended by Apple, are two sprayers specially designed for cleaning touchscreen tiles and glasses without gnawing on the glass of your device. In addition, it will cost you the “modest” sum of 20 € directly on their website or on the apple store.

Without forgetting a little common sense!

Wash your hands regularly with soap: p

The iPhone3GSystem team.


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