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Tutorial – How to know if your ECID is saved

Always insatiable moaners to complain about nothing … Saurik saves ECID without even having the FW installed. The Dev-Team releases / prepares FREE tools for JB our devices. The IPH forum sends news permanently, sometimes by mouth watering us, but it is better to be informed than to wait in ignorance.

AND, always naabs who believe that the world is theirs who complain … Yes, it’s true, having an iPhone optimized FW + JB + software + tweaks blah blah, it takes a few minutes a day (especially in times of wait for JB) and a little patience.

So what? If you don’t have this time or these qualities, keep your non-JB iMachin and stop getting drunk on people who have spirit and polluting this super fofo, all the more, for nothing, since you come to cry for a situation which will remain the same despite everything. So please, take a little maturity and assume the consequences of your acts or your non-acts …

Otherwise for the good guys:

– for worries about the question “4.0? 4.0.1? »Apparently the Comex tool that will be released will be a JB up to 4.0.1 all machines all iBoots.

– @onizukasensei: Saurik (love) has self-recorded the ECID of Cydia users, in 4.0 and 4.0.1, so it’s normal that you haven’t done anything, it’s the same for me:) For the logically downgrade you can follow the tutorial on the forum – I can’t find it but someone will be more gifted than me :), it works very well

– iTunes 9.2.1 had no problem downgrading to 3.1.3 with an ECID Saurik and New iBoot, and I haven’t found any problem yet

– those who are in 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 and who do not have their ECID for this version displayed on Cydia must be able to save it. And if they can it can be interesting, you never know.

Wait and see… strongly Spirit 🙂