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Tutorial – How to install the nitoTV application on your Apple TV 2G

Good morning all,

I am not the greatest specialist, but I had the AppleTV 1 and I now have the 2 and you can find a LOT of info on:

little summary :

AppleTV 1 can read a lot of file types thanks to XBMC. For HD, you need to add a Braodcom Crystal HD BCM970012 or 15 accelerator card (15 is better) and install the drivers + beta 4 or RC of XBMC 10.1 “Dharma”

WARNING!! although this card gives a real boost to AppleTV, the rest of the machine lacks power and large HD movies (genre 720p h.264 of 7GB) do not pass: / perso, I almost watch only mp4 “HD Lite” (720p h.264 + AAC5.1 of about 2GB)

NitoTV is essential for the AppleTV1, it installs bcp of useful thing (like the automatic loading of the drivers of the HD card at startup)

For Apple TV 2Currently it NATIVELY plays mp4 “HD Lite” (720p profile [email protected] 2500kbps speed, AAC 5.1) Unfortunately you have to go through iTunes…

For other formats (mkv, avi, etc.) the only current way is to use Plex Media Server on a powerful Mac (Core2Duo 2.2Ghz minimum) and Plex Client on Apple TVPlex MS transcode any type of file, and sends them to aTV 2 which displays them on TV.

In the future: the NitoTV team hopes to bring aTV 2 – new codec (mkv, avi, etc.) thanks to the port of Mplayer or VLC – Access to network hard drives (AFP, SMB, NFS)… more of iTunes !!! – DVD ISO playback

the FireCore team hopes to bring about the mm things + LastFM and a WebBrowser