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Tutorial – How to crack MyWi 4.8.1

I have often seen wrong answers to the questions that users ask about tethering software such as MyWi and TetherMe. I will make a useful post and answer these questions that many worlds are asking.

– If I use MyWi to have internet on my PC. Do I risk an additional cost on my telephone bill?

> No, MyWi has no reason to increase the telephone bill if you are thinking of changing the user agent of your internet browser to that of an iphone. *

– How can I simply modify my user agent?

> Under Firefox, there is an extension called “User Agent Switcher”. It allows you to change your user agent in just a few clicks. You can download it here: the extension is installed in Firefox, go to ” Tools ”->“ Default User Agent ”and click on“ iPhone 3.0 ”. When you are finished, click on “Default User Agent”. *

*** TetherMe case. (Don’t go, I have a scoup for you 😉

– Why talk about it, TetherMe is only activating the official tethering of the iphone?

> In fact TetherMe does much more than that. Not only does it activate official iphone tethering, but it also passes internet data from your PC to official iphone network traffic. This is also what MyWi does. *

– What? Where is your scoup, did I already know? !!!!

> There is a confusion to clarify. When you use official tethering without TetherMe, the internet data on your PC is recognized by your telephone operator as tethering, which generates an additional cost on your telephone bill. To avoid increasing the bill, TetherMe will hide from your telephone operator that you use a PC in tethering. So your operator believes that you are using your iPhone to go on the Internet and not your PC. However, as with MyWi, you must change your user agent. *

– How do I start official tethering on my iPhone?

> Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Network” -> “Connection sharing” (You have to go down). There, a button allows you to activate Connection Sharing. In Windows, right click on the Bluetooth icon -> Add a device. After adding the iPhone you would get an error message, Windows does not find the drivers . Do not take it into account. Right click on the bluetooth icon -> “Display Bluetooth devices”. Right click on the name of your iPhone -> “Connection using” -> “Access point” *

– Ok, MyWi and TetherMe look like and do the same job, so why should I use TetherMe rather than MyWi or vice versa?

> People interested in TetherMe are those who have problems with stability or WiFi connections with MyWi. Those who are fed up with this take the lead with the crack system of MyWi and the clock bugs that crack can cause. With TetherMe you can connect via bluetooth and cable. The bluetooth connection is more than sufficient for browsing the internet. In addition, TetherMe uses the official tethering system built into the iPhone, which makes the connection very stable. *

**** – I am a Power User. I have advanced computer skills. Give me immediately the information you hide or I cut your tongue !!!

> O_ô. Gently my friend, I am at the table. But if you can’t keep up, don’t hold it against me, and leave my tongue alone: ​​P

+ Security level MyWi offers WEP encryption. It is easy to crack this connection especially if you use a 10 character key. With TetherMe, windows generates an 8 character key. It is not easy to decrypt a bluetooth key. Your connection can be considered much more secure than WEP.

+ The internet data of the iPhone goes through the proxy of your telephone operator. This server filters the user agent only on port 80. Indeed, the user agent only concerns HTTP and HTTPS traffic. However, HTTPS traffic cannot be “scanned” because it is encrypted and therefore unreadable by the proxy. All other types of traffic are not subject to the user agent (FTP, IRC, P2P, etc.) However, the proxy can block certain protocols by blocking the port they use.

+ If you are at SFR, you can check that the connection is not surcharged when you use a TetherMe and a PC. Just look if a proxy is detected on the site Indeed when official tethering is activated without TetherMe, this site only gives you your IP and does not detect a proxy (On connected to it from the PC browser in tethering of course). On the other hand, with TetherMe installed, this site gives you your IP and the SFR proxy IP. In this case, everything is fine, internet traffic is considered to come from the iPhone and not from the PC. (Tried directly with Safari from the iPhone to view or from the PC)

+ Finally, I have already seen some people who thought that MyWi integrated a proxy. MyWi does not integrate functions of this kind.

****** Here is a good big post that is ending. It will surely go unnoticed by readers of iphone3gs system, it’s a shame. However the people who google this kind of questions will fall on my post. It’s better than nothing.