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Tutorial: here’s how to export a PDF to iPhone 6s using 3DTouch

3D touch e1457000151761 Tutorial: here's how to export a PDF to iPhone 6s using 3DTouch

Thanks to this tutorial, discover how to export a PDF with ease from the iPhone 6s. This tip requires 3DTouch functionality.

Since iOS 9, it is possible to save a web page or any other document in PDF from the sharing menu, in order to store it in the iBooks library. For iPhone 6s owners, however, another method exists.


Open the page you want to export to PDF in Safari. Click on the sharing arrow, and choose the Print option.

At the bottom of the print options page are thumbnails of the document. Use the Peek & Pop command from 3DTouch on these thumbnails.

Press and hold to display the document in full screen in PDF format. Press the share arrow again. You can then choose to export the file to Message, Skype, Notes or Google Drive among other services offered.

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