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Tutorial – Having the HD icon of Cydia for iPhone 4

Thank you K-rim for your answer, while waiting for this tutorial or news to start putting everything and anything on my precious…

By the way, qqs remarks when the jailbreak which was not easy for me as for some, and this despite your tutorial 🙂

1 / The error 3014: When we want to get into 4.1, we can not manage to get around it, it is a problem that comes from the PC and not from the iPhone, will know why, we may reinstall iTunes, Apple Mobile Device, etc, it won’t work, I stayed for over an hour with an Apple Care center in India to get around it without success. The simplest and most effective solution, update your iphone on a friend’s PC.

2 / Error when starting Limerain, “iTunesMobileDevice2.dll is not compatible with windows or damaged …” ditto, reinstalling Apple products does nothing … The only barbaric thing I found is all simply move (temporarily or permanently) the file in question to his desktop for example. This poses NO problem for iTunes, the iPhone or Limerain. If the file is there, error, if it is cleared, everything works like clockwork… Limerain goes without problem but bug if he finds it and I have tested everything… iTunesMobileDevice.dll which is also present is more than enough , I don’t know where this ‘copy’ of the original dll comes from, but it causes Limerain to crash if it is present.

3 / At the “Waiting for device” message from Limerain, if nothing happens, turn off the iphone while it is plugged in, and turn it back on by going directly to the next step to put it into recovery (Home + Power) , and there, Limerain reacts as it should, more than to follow the following steps.

4 / You must keep the Home button pressed during all the manipulation and wait a bit… the message that it worked “Done” may appear too soon if you just release it too early, and despite the final geohot text, you don’t not find Limerain (in white icon before reboot) on his springboard… I waited a little 20aine of second, before releasing it, and the text DONE appears at the moment stack or one releases the button home, I do not think that this just a coincidence, so do not release it too early.

Hoping that it helps a few who found themselves facing these different errors … I admit, I had the right to all ^^