Tutorial – Having Shrink in version 0.9.8-3 [CRACK]

323 Tutoriel   Avoir Shrink en version 0.9.8 3 [CRACK]

323 Tutorial Having Shrink in version 0.9.8 3 [CRACK]

Shrink is an application which also allows you to reduce the size of the SpringBoard icons. This can be interesting if you have softs like 8 Dock icons among others.

img0707 Tutorial Having Shrink in version 0.9.8 3 [CRACK]

Here is a tutorial that will allow you to have cracked crack using a keygen in version 0.9.8-3:

MAC users can use keygen.exe to use Wine For OS X, install Wine, once installed, you just have to launch the .exe as on Windows;)

keygenv Tutorial Having Shrink in version 0.9.8 3 [CRACK]

  1. Download the .zip with the keygen which will allow you to follow the steps: Shrink 0.9.8-3 CRACK
  2. Install Shrink, available on the iPhone3GSystem repo: http://appsystem.fr/cydia/
  3. If your iDevice after doing a respring on cydia, falls into safe mode, this is completely normal
  4. Put your iDevice in airplane mode / No internet connection (To avoid license checks)
  5. Connect the device to your computer and get the UDID from iTunes, pressing the serial number, you will see a long series of numbers and letters, so do Ctrl + C (For Windows) or CMD + C (For MAC)
  6. Launch the keygen.exe which is in the .zip
  7. Paste your UDID (Ctrl + v for Windows or CMD + v for MAC) in the first box (UDID therefore)
  8. Press “write .plist”
  9. A pop-up will appear to tell you that the plist file was successfully created
  10. The .plist is on your desktop, in SSH, transfer it to / User / Library / Preferences
  11. Respring your iDevice
  12. You will exit safe mode and have Shrink cracked in version 0.9.8-3

Thanks to the BLZPDA team for the keygen and to Diabl0 for the tests


the iPhone3GSystem team

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