Tutorial – Having My3G for free

iPhInstallerVersion11 Tutoriel   Avoir My3G gratuitement

It is thanks to our reader Fourmiz that this tutorial was able to be written;)

My3G is an application available on Cydia store which will allow you to make FaceTime calls over 3G. Indeed, it makes your device believe that you are connected by wi-fi, when not at all.


  • A jailbroken iPhone 4
  • OpenSSH installed
  • Have installed the trial version of My3G available on Cydia /! Very important /!
  • This file
  • iPhInstaller

DEB installation tutorial:

iPhInstaller will allow you to easily install Cydia deb packages safely. Now make way for the tutorial!

Step 1

Download the file .deb as well as our software iPh Installer 1.1.exe

iPhInstallerVersion11 Tutorial Having My3G for free

download Tutorial Having My3G for free

After installing iPh Installer launch it from your desktop by double clicking on this icon

Tutorial icon Having My3G for free

73857318 500x389 Tutorial Having My3G for free

Go to the DEB Manager tab then click on the button [Parcourir] and select the .deb you want to install

66689581 Tutorial Having My3G for free

In this example we take “Pakage.deb” but it can also be “iBlueNova2.0Cracked.deb” it all depends on what you want to install!

2nd step

Before doing anything make sure you have OpenSSH installed on your iPhone. OpenSSH is available for free as standard on Cydia. Without OpenSSH you will not be able to install DEB!

Recover the IP on your iPhone once connected to Wi-Fi via SBSettings or from the settings: Settings / Wi-Fi / »Blue arrow» follow the steps on the software

Enter your IP

19004266 Tutorial Having My3G for free

Enter the password : alpine by default

86600123 Tutorial Having My3G for free

Stage 3

If it is the first time that you make a transfer confirm with YES

Info. Putty may ask you to confirm it for the very first transfer in this case, type y otherwise let Putty do his calculation!

89871091 Tutorial Having My3G for free

Step 4

“Pakage.deb” is now installed on your iPhone, respring is done and a window appears to confirm that everything went well ^^

24712964 Tutorial Having My3G for free

Info. Of course, the iPhone3GSystem development team has not updated the software for a long time. But a maj is in development, and will be out in a while.

[Page de développement]

the iPhone3GSystem team

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